Favorite Absinthe Poll Results

The results from our "Vote for your favorite absinthe" poll are in. Only absinthe brands available in the USA were considered. Thanks to all that participated. A total of 81 votes were cast.

Absinthe Poll Results (listed in order with % of votes)

1. La Clandestine (21%)
2. Jade Nouvelle-Orleans (16%)
3. Duplais Swiss Verte (12%)
4. St. George Absinthe Verte (10%)
5. Kubler (9%)
6. Emile Pernot Vieux Pontarlie (6%)
7. Mansinthe (5%)
8. Lucid (5%)
9. Obsello 5%
10. Leopold Bros (2%)
11. La Fée (2%)
12. Marteau Absinthe de la Belle Epoque (2%)

Please note that this poll was not broken out by style. Voters were asked to pick their favorite absinthe. Only one vote per IP was allowed.

La Clandestine and NO are top notch absinthes. I would encourage everyone to try the other absinthes outside of the top 5. Both Obsello and Leopold Bros are top notch products! My top five would include La Clandestine, Jade Nouvelle-Orleans, Duplais, Obsello and Leopold Bros.